Hi there! I'm Amy.

Welcome to my corner of the Internet.

Me in my natural habitat: The Mountains

Me in my natural habitat: The Mountains

If we were in a group mixer, I'd tell you I love Mexican food, TV, cold weather, and greyhounds. Then I'd go pat the dog at the party or leave, because I'm an Enneagram 4 and parties make me want to throw up.

By the way, I met my friend Laura that way at a party. But I don’t recommend vomiting on someone’s white carpet as an ice-breaker, it’s a little awkward. She still claims me, though. #truefriend

I'm from the rolling hills of Tennessee, land of country music and Goo Goo Clusters, tornadoes and humidity. 365 days a year, my A/C is cranked to 62 degrees. God put me on the earth right now because He knew I couldn't handle an earlier time in human history. 

I am a weakling. I think it's only fair you know this going in.

When I was six years old, my grandmother gave me a small pink diary with ballet shoes on the cover and a lock that clamped the side closed. That little lock gave me freedom to say whatever I wanted, without any consequences. I figured out I could work through my worries, my questions, my anger in secret. Case in point:


FYI: My sister Tara is neither boring nor a "dumbow head." She's actually one of the coolest people I know.

Sorry, Tara.


Since 1996, I've noticed I can work through problems alone, but there's relief when you realize you're not the only one wrestling with something. It's nice to learn no one is perfect and, try as I might, I’m not either. This helps me sleep better at night.

And so, in a world where the loudest voice attracts the most ears, I am a quiet person who has decided to say things on the Internet. Because we needed one more of those.

If you’re someone who enjoys big, loud places, you’re also welcome here. But you should know my heart belongs to the still, small things. This isn’t going to be a flashy place. It’s not going to have perfect pictures. But it will have stories and books and TV talk and people I hold dear.

In short, it will have little ol’ me. And these two goofballs.

Oh, and you should know I am extremely food motivated. So food will be a big part of this, too.